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Website Logging and IP Addresses
Money Saver Online has a server behind it for hosting files and pages, just like any other website online, and this server logs information about visitors to our site. This will include length of stay on pages, date/time visited, your IP address, referring website, etc. These details are used for website statistics only to help us better help our readers.

External Links To Other Websites
Our pages will link to other websites where you can purchase products, the privacy policies and content on these websites will be the responsibility of owners of each site.

Money Saver Online may use cookies when storing session details and this is to help with some advertisements and forms.

We may use some third-party advertising companies like Google to serve ads on Money Saver Online when you visit our pages. These third parties use certain information, but NOT your telephone number, email address, name, etc. They aim to provide visitors with related advertisements about services and goods that might interest you, but if you would like to learn about opting out of this practice or more about it then you can learn about your choices here. Also, learn about how Google uses certain data when using partners sites or apps at this Google policies page.