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While not all products are £1 in Poundland these days, many still are, and they have some amazing themes during Christmas, Mothers Day, Halloween, Valentines and more. Trending products have included the Poundland engagement ring and some more outrageous items.

All Poundland Deals, Latest Offers & Trending Products For January 2020

17 01, 2020

Rose Cloche Spotted At Poundland


With Valentines Day fast approaching, Poundland have launched a great collection of gift ideas for loved ones.

Rose Cloche Spotted At Poundland2020-01-17T23:19:28+00:00
14 01, 2020

Love Tokens For Your Valentine at Poundland


If you have to go to work on Valentine's Day, then you can still be romantic by leaving little tokens that can be redeemed by your partner once you get home.

Love Tokens For Your Valentine at Poundland2020-01-14T15:44:21+00:00
14 01, 2020

Portion Control Food Containers at Poundland


A new year tends to mean a new start for some, so if you are intent on getting fit and losing weight in 2020, then there's some great items available at Poundland to help you

Portion Control Food Containers at Poundland2020-01-14T08:05:08+00:00
10 01, 2020

The Perfect Excuse Pen at Poundland


We all know someone who loves to make excuses, so The Perfect Excuse Pen we spotted at

The Perfect Excuse Pen at Poundland2020-01-10T12:53:18+00:00
10 01, 2020

Poundland £1 Stand-By Engagement Ring


An engagement ring is something extremely special and you wouldn't normally think a one pound ring would do it, although Poundland are offering a £1 engagement ring for men and women.

Poundland £1 Stand-By Engagement Ring2020-01-10T12:44:35+00:00