We visited our local Card Factory store and the moment you enter, they have a beautiful display of both mermaids and unicorn gifts, which we are sure fans obsessed by these mythical creatures will love the items on offer.

The prices are very good too! You can see some of the photos we took while at Card Factory below, which all feature the unicorn and mermaid products.

This Giant Foil Balloon is only £3.99 and that’s filled for free also, which makes it much less hassle than buying from the likes of eBay, just pop to Card Factory and get it filled to take away for under £4.

The Mermaid Mug above is stunning and has a lovely 3D design, what’s more it’s only £2.99.

There’s more unicorn products at Card Factory, although the mermaid items are still very nice and include the wine glass above. As you can see below, it also comes in a unicorn design that’s perfect for those who agree being a unicorn is thirsty work.

We’ve included a photo of the overall range at our local Card Factory and further close up photos below, so take a look and if you have a store local, feel free to pop in, as we were told this range is across the UK.