Iceland Offers This Week

The frozen, fresh and cupboard deals at Iceland can be very good and the latest offers this week are seen below. In the past we’ve seen everything from Free Pizza Scissors to Pancake freebies, meal deals, ice cream, and some of the best frozen deals available.

All Iceland Food & Drink Offers This Week In April, 2021

Cadbury Ice Creams Reduced At Iceland


As the warmer weather fats approaches, delicious ice creams are a freezer essential for the entire family to enjoy on those hot sunny days. So you'll want to take advantage of these popular Cadbury Dairy Milk and Crunchie blast ice creams being reduced at Iceland.

Cadbury Ice Creams Reduced At Iceland2021-04-03T11:45:55+01:00

Icelands New Big Night In Offer For £8


We spotted a fantastic new Big Night In Offer Iceland, The offer allows you to feed the entire family to a great meal on the weekend for a bargain price of just £8.

Icelands New Big Night In Offer For £82020-11-14T11:34:39+00:00

Limited Edition Range At Iceland


We spotted a great limited edition range available at Iceland that you won't want to miss out on, ranging from scarily spicy collection to pizza's, sweet treats and more at Iceland.

Limited Edition Range At Iceland2020-11-07T10:31:41+00:00

Scarily Sweet Strawberry Spider’s Web Cheesecake At Iceland


Iceland have released some great collections of savoury and sweet treats for the Halloween season, including this HUGE scarily sweet strawberry spider's web cheesecake, which looks absolutely delicious.

Scarily Sweet Strawberry Spider’s Web Cheesecake At Iceland2020-10-23T15:01:27+01:00

New TGI Fridays Desserts At Iceland


Many of you who enjoy the popular restaurant TGI Fridays will be happy to know that Iceland have just launched a TGI Fridays collection, which includes some delicious desserts for the entire family to enjoy.

New TGI Fridays Desserts At Iceland2020-10-17T13:38:41+01:00

Big Daddy Burger at Iceland


All Burger fans are sure to absolutely love the new Big Daddy Burger at Iceland. The burger features an impressive 1 pound weight which is perfect for sharing or to have on your own if you're after the challenge.

Big Daddy Burger at Iceland2020-06-13T09:06:34+01:00