//ASDA Early Bird Baby Event For 2019 Tease

ASDA Early Bird Baby Event For 2019 Tease

The first deals are now live in ASDA’s Early Bird Baby Event that showcases 69 items reduced for little ones and is just a tease until the main Baby Event starts in January 2019.

This is the first of many baby and toddler sales next year, ALDI is starting January 6th online, and the dates for others are yet to arrive. The George offers include a range of items such as bouncers, cots, mattresses, moses baskets, baby monitors and lots more.

Once the full sale starts in early JAN, you’ll find some really cheap prices on a bigger range of products including car seats, baby wipes, and more for home, feeding, travel and just about everything you’ll need for your little one.

WHERE ARE THE ASDA EARLY BIRD BABY DEALS – The teaser event is already live, so see the offers online at ASDA.


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