Arcade1Up Machines stand just under 4ft, each of them house a different classic arcade game. From Pac-Man to Street Fighter, Marvel games and so much more, there are classic arcade games that everyone will enjoy to play.

Each of the arcade machines feature full-color hi-resolution displays and sounds, creating the ultimate gaming experience. The arcade machines also include the classic arcade button and joystick layout to complete the experience of the classic games.

We took a closer look at both the Pac-Man and Street Fighter Classic Arcade machines and they are absolutely fantastic. Not only are their designs great with embellishments on the front and sides of the machine, but they are also brilliant to play.

Both Arcade machines feature one and two player. Pac-Man involves the players to take turns as there is only one joy-stick, where as the Street Fighter arcade machine actually features multiplayer abilities for you both to play at the same time.

There are plenty of other designs of classic arcade machines, such as a new Marvel design available on the website Arcade1Up.